A few simple pointers on how to care for your suits, trousers and shirts.



Hanging hints

Resting: To maintain the shape and quality of your suit, never wear it on consecutive days. It needs 'resting' to restore its shape.

Folding: Instead of hanging your jacket over the back of a chair, simply fold it shoulder to shoulder and drape it over the chair.

Hanging: To retain the shape of your suit, hang it immediately over a contoured hanger that supports the shoulder line. Never use wire hangers.

Trousers: Always hang trousers full length (not folded) from the cuff on a bar hanger.

Everyday tips

Ensure your suit has plenty of hanging room in the wardrobe and the lapels are sitting flat. To allow the air to circulate, do not crush between other garments.

Always empty your suit pockets when it is not in wear.

Keeping your suit clean

Always brush your suit lightly with a lint brush to remove dirt and lint from the material before wearing it.

Your suit should be dry-cleaned only once or twice a year. As a gentle alternative to dry-cleaning, hang your suit in the bathroom while showering for an instant steam-clean.

Always dry-clean your suit jacket and trousers at the same time to avoid inconsistent fading of the garments.

If you mark or stain your suit, explain this to your dry-cleaner so they can treat it effectively.

To restore the creases in your trousers, gently iron on a 'warm' setting, and always over a damp cloth.

Caring for your shirt

For best results, handwash your shirt. Alternatively, warm machine wash on a 'gentle' cycle, using quality detergent.

Always wash dark colours separately.

Avoid washing your shirts with garments that may produce lint.

When pressing your shirt, always iron the collar away from the point. This will prevent creasing on the collar.

Never iron directly over the buttons, as this may crack or discolour them.

Caring for your tie

Always roll your ties gently when not in use. When hung on a rack, your tie's lining will drop over time and cause creasing.

If you mark or stain your tie, explain this to your dry-cleaner so they can treat it effectively.

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