The dos and don'ts of dressing as a gentleman. Here are a few simple pointers on how to look your best at work and on the road.


How to tie your tie
How to tie your bow tie
Socks to match your pants or shoes?

Making sure you have a pair of shoes that match your suit and shirt is the first priority. As a rule of thumb, the socks you wear should match your pants not your shoes.

Shoes, belts, watches, pocket square, ties, wallet

Accessories are important as they finish and complete your look.

  • Ties: choose a tie depending on how conservative your suit and shirt are, i.e. if you are going to wear a plain suit and shirt, select a tie with a bold design.
  • Pocket squares: Wear one in an unexpected shade that plays off a minor colour in the rest of your suit.
  • Watches: Go simple and strong with your watch. It enhances the stylishness of your suit.
How to dress for work

Having an elegant work outfit is important, as it encourages others to take you seriously. Putting the effort into your image at work suggests to others that you are as meticulous in your work as you are in your appearance.

Packing a suit in a suit case

1. To pack your suit jacket, turn it inside out with the sleeves on the inside. The inner lining, now on the outside, will protect it from wrinkles.


2. Fold the jacket in on itself along the centre of its back, then once more, until you've folded it into quarters.

3. Lay the suit at the bottom of the suitcase at full width. This will ensure that as other items are packed on top of it, it won't move around and crease.

Pick your outfit the night before work

Choosing your outfit the night before and getting it ironed for work will make mornings much easier, and also ensure that you feel comfortable and happy in what you're wearing.

Service your suit

Just like a car, a suit needs a service. It is only held together with cotton. Stitching can easily be fixed, and buttons replaced.

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